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1. a plumbing tool used to clean out the rectum of an individual, due to constipation after a large intake of cheese from the cheese factory.

2. Used to fuck you with your own sanctorum, an anal snake is a fatass penise with a huge mushroom head that plows you well.
3. a deliquesce, also known as "Tube Steak", caught in the wild, bushy jungles of the species known as "Homo-Erectus". This wild creature must have pressure applied on it for a certain time frame in order to extract its unique essence, which is a thick, creamy, tangy but sometimes sweet jelly.
Example 1
Jane Doe: I'm fucking hungry!
John Smith: Well I have some tube steak here if you'd like some babe.
Jane Doe: Oh Baby!! Give me that anal sneak right now!! Stick it in my asshole baby, I am your little anal queen.

Example 2
Gerorge Michael: hey, so after the concert lets get to know each other alittle better. what do you say to that??
Elton John: Well how 'bout we skip the pleasantries and get down to what we really want?
George Michael: Oh thank god!! Give me that Anal Snake and just shove it in my ass. I am so fucking sex deprived after that run in with the cops, can you believe it? just because one guy in the bathroom didn't want sex with me I go to jail for a month. ugh.

1. After sitting on the toilet for hours with no signs of relief i called my boyfriend to clean out my rectum with his Anal Snake.

2. On my 54th birthday, my Husband showed me his new snake friend, but What he forgot to mention was that it was an Anal Snake. It broke my hip, but It was worth it.

3. The most difficult meal I ever had was an Anal Snake. I had to catch it, and I had to tenderize it to obtain the most delicious jelly for my toast!
by theentertainer91-C.P.D. March 20, 2012
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