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An adjective. You will seldom find anyone as unique as someone described as an Adrit. They are peculiar human beings that have wondrous hair that grows for miles as a direct result of their close lineage to Rapunzel. They also have a knack of talking to attractive females in the gym, having a convo, and forgetting to properly introduce themselves. Despite their obnoxious fronts and seemingly abrasive personalities, Adrits are surprisingly warm hearted human beings who will selflessly put themselves in harms way for family and even friends. Once befriended you cant count on them for life. They can be quite loud, defiant, and downright weird in some scenarios but will shut the fuck up with the proper comeback. Still this side of them is beneficial especially when they're backing you up. If you come across one consider yourself a very lucky friend.
That guy in the gym just spoke to that girl for 30 mins and forgot to get her name. What an Adrit!
by Pb&J October 16, 2013
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