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Amy and Michael, a perfect match! Michael is a very cool guy who makes everyone laugh. Once you meet him, you will want to be his friend right away. He is super cute and very good-looking. He has amazing music, clothes, food, everything. Every girl secretly wishes that he could be her boyfriend...mainly because everyone knows that he likes commitment...mainly because he is sweet and knows how to treat a girl...mainly because however strange and wierd he may be, he's perfect. In his own little way, he is perfect. Amy - to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.

she pulled an amy on my heart. (she stole or holds my heart)

my heart was amyied. (my heart was stolen)

watch out she will amy you. (she will steal your heart)

you have yourself an amy. (you have yourself a soulmate)

A lovely girl who loves all her friends and will never cheat on anyone. Amy is so sweet

A perfect match!
Amy and Michael Just the perfect couple
Michael like commitment and Amy will never cheat on anyone
by TrueJackson January 24, 2012
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