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Amy Diamond club is full of 'popular' attention seekers, with no life. it also contains wannabe emos, wannabe scenes & sex snobs.

It's the bitchiest club on Stardoll. It's also full of pathetic girls pretending to be scene/emo guys, usually called Jake, although the some of the members caught onto this, naming them "shemales"
They are evil, self-centered cows who want to put others down. they pick on people and destory their lives. the ages range from 8-18 because the people are that sad as to stay on a baby girl website until their late teenage years. most of them have been or are suicidal. Of course, it’s all attention seeking anyway.
AD Shemale: "Omgg, I ish liike so emooo. I'm called Jakee."
AD Popular: "Ugh. Shemale!"
AD Attention Seeker: "Like, fml, I'm gonna overdose."
OC Visitor: "Oh God, it's so Amy Diamond club."
by KickAssAngels November 28, 2010
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