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Amy Towler is a very popular Self Shooter or Camwhore with communities such as 4chan, Reddit, etc. Amy Towler has their own Twitter account where pictures are posted regularly. If you look hard enough, you can find several nude photos of Amy Towler floating around the internet.

It has caused several meme phenomena, including a "One does not simply stop searching for Amy Towler nudes" (using the "One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor" photo).

When using the phrase "Amy Towler" as a descriptive term, it often refers to someone who is a whore, or someone who is craving massive amounts of attention.
"My best friend has over 100 pics of herself on her phone, what a Amy Towler."

"When Sally and I went to the club last night, she kept dancing in between this really hot guy and myself. She was acting like such an Amy Towler."
by pusiwillow September 12, 2013
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