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This girl is very exotic, and whose name means immortality in Hindi and Sikh. She is crazy and loves to have a good laugh. She is beautiful and kind but won't take any bullshit. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She also likes to feel peoples cheeks if they look particularly soft.
Have you met Amreeta?

Yeah, that girl is crazy!
by mysticmeg69 November 24, 2013
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A total 'ho' who can sleep with anyone, provided she likes. Though she looks plastic with small boobs and plastic hair she can turn on any man with her ability to get laid. She is generally aloof, can not mingle with other girls. She is insecure and does friendship with only those people who are not a potential threat or of some use.She loves to get laid with multiple people though she has a fiance. She bosses over her fraads and tries to project she is superior. Amreeta is that girl who cheats and sucks any shit. She is meanest but still she will make you fall in shit by doing things.
Can I buy you a coffee?

If you think I am Amreeta, you won't be getting any!

Why didn't you ask her out?
I didn't know that she is a amreeta.
by zaarczar September 07, 2014
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