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deriving from the words

Amour; french for interest of love or being in love.
and Radiant; to give off a glow or warmth. beauty.

To be percieved as giving off or containing a glow or essence of beauty and radiance, often conjoined through acts of love or through being/falling in love.To give off a feeling of warmth and beauty, often associated with lovers or romance.
The girl had an Amouradiant' way about her form.
The woman Amouradiantly danced beneath the moon.
Her mere presence was that of Amouradiance.

Johnnys' girl had such a booty that it was givin' off amouradiance.

Suzie walked through the hallway at school, with an Amouradiant' stride.

Her lips sent chills down robs spine, this made him feel amouradiant.
by <3LoveFOREVER April 13, 2010
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