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Ammoyed is basically when u don't have a fucken clue whether u r annoyed or amused, so u r both.

Best of both world's m8
An example of this is when some random dick pronounces bangtan sonyeondan as "bangtan soneodo" LIKE TF- BITCH GET OUT THE WAY I'M CALLING THE COPS BUT ALSO CRYING WITH LAUGHTER.
Taehyung: Did u hear that douche mispronounce our name?

Yoongi: Yeh I'm ready to bash his face in but then I'd rather sleep..
Jin: I dunno it's kinda ammoying

Jungkook: you what now?
Hoseok: #ammoyed *dances*
Namjoon: Jungkook, do NOT talk to your mother like that. *spank*
Jimin: *whispers* spank me daddy..
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by imonkookaine169 July 24, 2018
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