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Amleht is beautiful inside and outside. She makes you laugh hard, that she can make you pee your pants. She's very down to earth, and loves to laugh. When she loves someone, she will love them to death, and will do anything for that person to be happy. She's a smart cookie, and very helpful too, she's a person that will help you do your work and help you out without asking for something in return. She's well loved by everyone, but some people hate her 'cos they're just jealous by her skuxxness.
Oh, that girls so pretty, she's an Amleht.

"whoa, she's so smart.." "that's amleht.."

when amleht walks down the school halls, all the boys stops and stares, and goes "she's so hot and skux"
by moorning July 01, 2011
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