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Amittai is the most amazing boy you will find lurking around in your life. Whenever you catch his eye, he'll give a big smile. Whenever you do something or say something that isn't even that funny, he'll laugh. He has the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen and the most attractive black hair and pale skin. He is the most respectful and polite boy you'll meet on this earth!!! If you give him a hug, he'll hug right back and wrap his arms around your hips tightly and let you lean on him for awhile. Amittai is the most amazing, very attractive young man, I have met in my whole life!!!! Go find yourself an Amittai... and if you already have one cherish the time you spend with him!! I love you Amittai... 😘💖
Girl's BFF: Hey, there's your "boyfriend"!!

Girl: You mean "Amittai" and we're just friends.

Girl's friend: Are you sure about that? You two are more than friends!

Girl: SHH, No we're NOT!!

Amittai: Hi! How are you?
by Agirl2020 June 12, 2018
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