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Portmanteau of "American English". Used when describing American slang or idioms.
In Americanglish, broiling means "to heat from above."
by Tom A. Hawkes March 31, 2012
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uh-mer-i-kang-lish - noun

A term to describe a slang language based on English, originating out of the United States, which combines all American slang, for example, Valley Girl, Ubonics, Redneckesse, Phillitalian and others in a jumbled mesh of uneducated inept noises and incompleted thought processes.

Consisting of more repeated swear words than any other language, Amercanglish words usually only consist of one or two syllables, however, words containing three or more syllables are generally repeated constantly in incorrect context.
The basis of these words assist in the formation of incomplete sentences accompanied with informal interjections, (i.e. Like), awkward, improper combinations of words, (i.e. Nawmean?), mispronounced words, (i.e. "Dat' for "that") erroneous words with double negatives, (i.e. irregargless) improper contractions, and a multitude of unintentional malapropism (an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously).

Americanglish is normally used by people who pretentiously choose to sound ignorant or stupid, because to them intellect and proper English is like totally elitist and shit.
Americanglish uh-mer-i-kang-lish - noun

"Like, I totally, like think dat duh fuckin' evuhdence 'gainst mah yung buhl is inconsecluded, and its fuckin bull shit, 'cuz he weren't nowhere 'round dat dere vicinity, and like, is beyond duh jury's apprehension... nawuhtumsayin?"

"'I be understandin' the bondage 'tween mother and child, I don't never be taken' my fuckin' children for granite, Ahmma woman of great statue, so nevamine yo bidness, bitch."

"When I were in that wooder, a damn fish near decapitated my foot."

"We is gonna disembowel on our trip tomorrow, fuckin like so much football an' shit."

"Wut is you doin? Dis elevatah's got a weight totacity."
by Sparkle Awesomnator July 09, 2009
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