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A soft a light feeling of sleep overcoming your face and slowly your fingers can’t type anymore. Legs can’t move and eyes are half open. A poetic state of mind after eating like it was your last meal. A transcendent state in which Sabina can fathom the very existence of Spongi Bobî living under her bathroom sink while Patrick is riding the cat into the eye of the nebula of space, throw which the galaxy of sleep fairies resides. Each sandwich made in an amdeoita state will furthermore open your third eye and thus giving a deep understanding of pastrami and where it comes from the universe. And how mustard and mayo are truly related by can design and manufacturers. Amdeoita was at the base of the knowledge on which the pyramids were build and how farrows sleep
Sabina is a bit amdeoita. Ionut will never forget when Sabina was amdeoita. Ha ha ha. You so amdeoita I could revive the 4 horse men under your nose. Amdeoita be to not the pillow face in.
by Brosec September 16, 2019
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