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A zebra who morphed into a bumble bee (Z-BB for short), is an endangered species who has become this way due to their lack of intelligence in the extreme case. Their IQ lacks -400% below the norm of a regular group of their species, though they are the last of their kind, making it possible that their species could go extinct within 14.5 years, when the last member dies at 30 years old, unless we can find a wild Zero to breed with the Z-BB. Please be advised that shooting this last member of the Z-BB species, otherwise known as a FELICIA or FiFi for short, may be immoral, as you are wiping out an entire species, but completely legal. Do not use the word "shirt" around this creature, as it may become angry, lowering its IQ even more into the "dum dum'y" range.
That FELICIA is such an Ambrix lalala.
by Popcqrn May 27, 2017
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