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Shes the sweetest, cutest, funnest, most adorable girl you will ever meet. She can be a bitch when you get on her bad side, but when your on her good side you often get treated with something sweet. She gives the best hugs. She usually makes peoples days a whole lot more funner. Shes a big flirt to who ever approaches her. She has a figure that will take your breathe away and confidence level so high it will make you proud to know her. Shes usually in a great motivated mood. She loves long relationships and doesn't care for the short ones. Shes hard to get and not easy to leave. Shes sexy. Sexual relationships aren't her favorite, shes more into personality and being able to chill is her favorite thing.
Amber Lemon really made my day today, shes beautiful! I love her hugs. I think I have a crush on her.<3
by Yes I DO! August 19, 2011
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