The word Amaan comes from a 13 year old and the definition is fake.

This is just a joke
Amaan was the king of yo mama
by Joe mama the G May 1, 2020
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A sexy lad who gets all the girls and is smart but can also be shy a caring person for his friends and is a fun guy
did you hear emily like amaan?
by ‎‎ December 8, 2021
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Biggest poser who is annoying and smell so bad that shit is more preferable to smell than him. He lacks intelligence and athletic skills and has penis shaped as a vagina. He gets absolutely NO ladies.
"Dude look at that kid he is such an Amaan. Lets beat him up."
by Badassmofo69 July 26, 2012
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A guy who thinks he is cool and talks to ugly chicks. He is the biggest poser ever and will mimic anyone who is actually doing well in life, just to try to get friends. He also tries very hard at life, but still doesn't manage to beat anyone.
Don't hang out with that guy- he is an Amaan.
by mambaplaya69 July 26, 2012
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This is a terrible creature whos on it to take primary kids

His rules are the younger the weaker
Because they are weaker he can handle them more easily

This guy loves kids amd is dangerous

He doesn't care if they cry he has a basement full of them

They starve everyday but he doesn't care if they die because he would just take another kid he's very dangerous
They call him the plug for nonces so if you want to have the best nonce an amaan is unbeatable
And another rule of his is if they're black you don't know if they have poo
Your such an amaan stay away from archie the white gayboy
by Shordi March 30, 2020
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He is the wettest guy you will ever meet. He talks to 15 girls at the same time. He thinks his sexy and asks girls for nudes if he doesnt get em he gets pissed af
He is such an Amaan
by Loollllooool February 9, 2017
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A midget who can’t get any pussy because his dicks to small
by Chaboi247 October 8, 2019
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