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The closest thing you will ever find on this earth to an angel.

The cutest, nicest, and sweetest girl you will ever meet.

One you can depend on when you are down and out and have nowhere to turn.

If you know her then you are one lucky person.

She spreads joy to the world without even trying.

Its what she was created to do.

One can easily see that she is hard working and willfully gives from her heart to help others.

If you are ever with her in a relationship don't ever leave her. She's the best thing that will ever happen to you.

If you do then slap yourself, have your best friend slap you, then have your other best friend slap you too to knock some sense into you.

But if you do leave her and your relationship doesn't end up working out its gonna be tough going from there.

You can try all you want to try and forget her, you can try to go with somebody else, you can never talk to her again, you can move to the other side of the world... But she'll never leave your heart.

And even if you find somebody else out there, they more than likely won't ever make you as happy as she did.

THAT, my friend is something you should take into account here and now... Don't make the same mistake I did, or you will regret it; possibly forever.

ANYWAYS, on to other things... If she is in your life, thank God everyday that you have the opportunity to be with such a wonderful person.
The best person you will ever meet is Alyssa Milan.
by XxThomas HunterxX February 04, 2010
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