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Alviso dust bunny, (n). Sex act named for the one time little port town across the bay from San Francisco which has long since been choked with mud, up north of Fremont and Milpitas, and it's dusty. In this sex act, the participants aren't bunnies. It is the act of humping bunny style in the clay mud behind the bushes until covered with fine reddish black powder. Similar to Lust in the Dust. Sometimes this act is perpetrated by bored high school students up on Sierra road overlooking Milpitas at night, but then you do not see the dust till later. By then it's everywhere. Even if your cooz as ass.
Alviso dust bunny.

Joel: Hey, you heard about DJ. He and Lashandra were up on the Sierra freaking. They wus all covered in dirt.

Oh snap, Joel, that's the Alviso dust bunny.

Joel: Shit, and they had dust and mud in their cracks for a day.

Note: This can also be a Milpitas dust bunny, but for some might involve furries, which would be something else.
by crerambudirk88 June 18, 2011
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