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The only school in southern NH(Hudson) with a restaurant, barn/farm, preschool, store with awesome cookies, green house, vocational wing and an agriculteral wing that smells horrible. When people ask you where you go to school, and you say Alvirne, they respond with Oh the cow school. And where the now former principal can casually walk everywhere but get to one side of the school to the other side within 3 minutes. The cow poop can be smelled from various locations, and is especially ripe in the morning when you arrive at school. The freshmen thing they are the coolest people in world and they have the biggest backpacks ever. People do not know how to move in the hallways. But by the end of theire high school career (senior year), are you barely carrying around a backpack or purse. With having the most awkwardest stairs going from the lower parking lot to the upper parking lot to go in the lobby.
Alvirne High School is known as the cow school.
by 603girl September 03, 2012
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