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1.The most manly last name on the planet, anyone who has this this last name is certainly privileged (and manly). Men with this last name are particularly awesome, very handsome, cute, funny, athletic, and love sammiches-- however, these sammiches must be made by a cute girl wearing black heels and a cowgirl hat.

2. True identity of a superhero who could totally take superman, batman, and hitler at the same time.

3. Anyone with this last name is caring, sweet, generally nice and very supportove. (And Manly.)
1. "Wow that guy is so strong, he must me an Alutius, I'm going to put on my heels and bring him a sammich."

2."Look, Captain Alutius has come to save us!"

3.Yeah, and the Alutius's son is so manly and brave and tough, did I mention manly?
by weeeeeeener July 03, 2010
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