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Altona is where Yard Sales are the only things that bring people to the town. Duct tape is used to fix anything and everything,including houses, cars, even body parts, and it considered ALTONA CHROME. Altona is the town where men are men and so are half of the woman. It is also the town where the fire trucks are older than half of the people that live in the town. There are several burrows of the town. They include Sciota, Irona, Forrest, Flat Rock, and the Ganienken Territory. Don't get caught stealing on the territory cuz they are gunna get you.
"Is that chrome on your car?" "No, that's just Altona Chrome, or duct Tape." Yeah, you are from Altona, NY.
Altona, NY is a town full of CHEEWEES.
by Tona man derp a doo August 14, 2011
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