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Female Sub-species of Homoe-ra!-ctus

You must not always be fooled by appearance. Female Ra's, although hitting puberty at relatively the same time as normal girls, will actually mature much later due to what I like to refer to as the 'silverspoon effect'. This
delay is commonly unobserved by most, as their premature state is similar to that of a middle aged spoilt housewife. However, between the ages of 17 to 22 the female Ra will search for it's niche in society. It is not unusual at this stage for the Ra to backlash against it's impending fate by trying to look 'alternative' and cheapen it's well maintained front.

Tale-tale Signs for the Alternative Female Rah:

- Went traveling in their gap year and paid vast sums of money to help build a toilet for the poor.
- Continues to wear the beads they believe to made by a sweet African child they befriended - Factory produce, slave labour.
- Has vast amounts of money to spend on hippy festivals and Drum n Bass nights.
- Hides the all common Rah drug addiction under a guise of being a hippy
- Has all intentions of maintaining their current standard of living by doing charity work for the rest of their lives. Hahaha.

As you can see, these can very much parallel the actions and attitudes of even the most famous Rah's such as the late Princess Diana.
Normal Person: Alright, what are you doing tonight? Do you wanna come and hang out with me, Bob, Dan and Jen?

Alexia ( Alternative Ra ): That would be the coolest most funkadelik thing EVER. But Gerald and I are going to this world music gig in town, it's going to be fab! By the way, did I leave my pashmina at your house last week, I've looked all over my palace and I can't find it?

Normal Person: Yes you did. We used it as a wank rag you posh tart. Welcome to the real world.
by Shai Guy August 25, 2006
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