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1. Greek river-God

Alpheus, also known as Alpheios (Ancient Greek: Ἀλφειός, meaning "whitish"), was in Greek mythology a river (the modern Alfeios River) and river-god.

2. River

Alpheus was also the river which Hercules, in the fifth of his labours, re-routed in order to clean the filth from the Augean Stables in a single day, a task which had been presumed to be impossible.

3. Species of shrimp

Alpheus is a genus of snapping shrimp of the family Alpheidae. This genus contains in excess of 250 species, making this the most species-rich genus of shrimp. Like other snapping shrimp, the claws of Alpheus are asymmetrical, with one of the claws enlarged for making a popping noise.

4. A learned chief/A capable person
His name is Alpheus and true to his name, he leads an army of thousands.
by Suehpla August 25, 2011
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