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A chav or chavette who is usually the leader of the chav gang, will usually be the loudest, most cocky, and aggressive, they are almost indisginuishable from ordinary chavs, usually a brave alpha chav will attempt to demeen his targets, in vain attempts, they are spotted by having there cronies stadning around grinning strangely, while he attemplts to demeen you (failing miserably and retreating)

Note: they will never leave the safety of their group,

if however you show signs of agression, he may retaliate with the following:

chav: me and my friends will bang yer

chav: i'll get you after school


chav: i'll get me big bro onto you

if any alpha chav says any one of these things, that is your cue to kick that townies ass, due to the fact he is unknowingly admitting insecurity and weakness,

alpha chavs are easy to beat, and if you ever find yourself surrounded by a group of chavs, don't fear, just beat them all up
alpha-chav: you fucking mug

gets ignored by normal student, chav looks at friends, pushes normal student who turns to face chav,

alpha: "touch me and me and my friends'll kick yer teeth in"

student: ok

beats up cahvs and walks off
by trenchy August 10, 2009
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