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Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University on December 6, 1845. Three young men: Louis Manigault, Horace Spangler Weiser, and Stephen Ormsby Rhea, all freshmen, met and laid down the basic principles of a society that today counts its membership in the thousands.
Alpha Sigma Phi owns, This one goes out to the rest of my brothas with diffrent mothas
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The biggest brotherhood on campus. A group which man hopes to be apart of and where being a little sissy boy is not tolerated. Their unity and strength are the tightest on campus. They have the biggest baddest ego's on campus and all the girls want them. Greek life on UF's campus wouldn't be the same if this organization didn't exist. We are the men of alpha sig who the fuck are you!
Wow, I heard that those Alpha Sigma Phi boys were pretty much the greatest greek chapter every created and everybody fucking loves them.
by Gamma Pi November 21, 2011
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