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Alpha King refers to an Alpha Male that is ultimately superior and therefore holds complete dominance over all others.

The human social order differentiates among Alpha, beta and omega. All Alphas are however not created equal and it is the Alpha King that reigns supreme over all others.

The Alpha King has first right over other Alphas to space, comfort, food and mating partners. The Alpha King is like other Alphas genetically superior, socially/ emotionally/ rationally intelligent and financially strong. The Alpha King however embodies most, if not all, of these characteristics. Hes superiority is therefore undeniable. Betas and omegas subliminally look for this in an Alpha King, as they need protection to survive on a daily basis and superior DNA to ensure the survival of the species in the long run.

Alphas are selected by their subordinates to fulfill a critical social role as leader. They obtain it through submissive service. In return they bestow priviledges on the Alpha King that enable him to fulfill these responsibilities, such as more rest, more food and more mating opportunities. Priviledge is therefore a responsibility. The Alpha King is therefore as much a servant to hes people as they are in service to him. There is therefore strength in submissive service.

This is the ultimate social order as it benefits all.
He is an Alpha King and reigns supremely dominant over all other Alphas, betas and omegas alike.
by Sir Smit December 10, 2017
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