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The name of an Japanese military operation with the sole purpose of subjugating Hawaii under Japanese imperial rule. The operation started in 2003 when Tsunku was ordered by the emperor to send his special operations unit masquerading as a jpop group called Morning Musume to spy on the U.S. Pacific Fleet and military bases and to discover the weaknesses of the average American between singing subliminal Japanese imperialistic messages and signing propaganda posters at concert performances for the first phase of the operation. The second phase took place 4 years later in 2007 which involved the Japanese armed invasion of Hawaii, which included singing horrible j-pop at concerts as a mass psychological weapon. However, operation was deemed a total failure when the Japanese suffered massive casualties, and the surviving forces where driven back into the Pacific Ocean.
Alo-Hello! is just another example of the continuing Japanization of America.
by satrain October 07, 2007
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