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A very original and meaningless name, its German for something but who would bother to ask? An Almut is very strict, discipline's her children well but cannot fathom the mentality her children posses. To Almut the world is seen through a monocle of greatness, despite being reminded everyday that everything is simply chaotic. Almut commonly cracks under pressure, and is capable of listening to you for a maximum of two minutes before deciding its her turn to talk. This immediately strikes a war of words which she believes she has won (every time.) Almut is the square root of blonde impatience.
"Almut, could you turn on the TV and switch the input to the Blu-ray player please?"
"Hold on!!!! Goodness your moody today..."
"But I simply asked if you could turn on th..."
"I said, WAIT! Now which one is the 'On' button?"
by Sweet93 November 03, 2011
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