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Ally Cohens are generally beautiful, happy, and an all around popular girls. They are stubborn, and can be really scary sometimes, but they are loved by all who know them.
Ally Cohens are incredibly smart, and have flawless memories. Their bullshit detector is top notch, so don't try and pull anything on them..

Ally Cohens are just amazingly beautiful creatures. Generally short, but have great hair and spotless skin. Most of them have one or two majorly gorgeous characteristics, like big eyes or chest.

If you ever meet an Ally Cohen, give them a huge hug, and hope to hell that they don't try and kill you.
That Ally Cohen is gorgeous!

Wow, that Ally Cohen has beautiful eyes, and she is smart too! I want to ask her out!
by brknhrtd<3 January 22, 2011
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