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Alltel is a phone company that orginated in Arkansas. Its an ok place to work. They pay really good with great benefits but you have to talk to some ignorant assholes on a daily basis. Alltel was recently purchased by Verizon. May God help us!
Hi thanks for calling alltel this is Bob how may I help You?
Cust: yeah my phone doesnt work.. Why? fix it now!!
Rep: I would be more than happy to help u may I have your ten digit number?
Cust: No Mother Fucker fix it now! Why do you need my number? cant you just sprinkle some pixie dust on it and make it work?
Rep: Sir take it to the store have a good day. Click
Cust: Hello? Hello? i think he hng up on me.. 5 minutes later.. Hello?!?!
by jacksonwpeakeast January 29, 2009
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A worthless, piece of shit, 3rd world country cell phone provider that originated in Arkansas (Surprise, surprise) They offer the shittiest phones and even shittier service. Their phones are so shitty that you can even throw them up against a brick wall and they will still work.
"Oh, hey... I just got home... CLICK"

"So, Alltel sent me this shitty refurb phone that someone else probably dropped in their bathtub and they just held a hair dryer over it long enough to get the piece of shit to work."
by geaux9 May 14, 2009
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