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Allisha is a being that is beauty itself. Allisha's are commonly known to be a bit on the violent side and are always known to be very active. An Allisha is someone who cuddles, they have amazing personalities, and are beautiful...Inside and out. They are known to be friendly to all, and is beautiful in every single way. They make it easy for you to laugh and are very into sport and physical activities. Allisha's don't know the meaning of the word 'limit' and live life to the fullest. They like to drink, sometimes a lot :) Allisha is kind, beautiful, sweet, awesome, hot, honest, sexy, smart and heaps funny. If you know of an Allisha, you can consider yourself lucky.
Guy 1: Had a great time last night, best night of my life!

Guy 2: Lemme Guess, you got an Allisha?
by Molemouse October 19, 2012
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When used as a white girl name, many feel confused. But if this is your name, you may find yourself befriending many African American friends. But on the other hand, you really don't have many friends. Your lonely. And you hate your job. Be real with yourself. And you probably could work on the exercise a bit more. You were most likely searching this name to find something funny. But instead, you were blasted with the Cold. Hard. Truth... sorry
"Wow, I feel so bad for Allisha, she has NO friends"
by Truth Tea December 26, 2017
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