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Usually a very very very goodlooking straight gentleman that has great taste in women. He has a crazy side to him but only shows it infront of true friends. Has great style, is hilarious, amazing, caring, sweet and will make you smile. You will always have a good time with a allessandro. Usually has blue eyes, and dark blonde hair. He cares too much of what people think and tries to please everyone. If you find yourself being crushed on by a allessandro consider yourself lucky because he will treat you with the most respect and care unlike anyone else would. He will never stop trying to make you smile and he will always be there for you no matter what. He is a gentlemen, he asks you how your day was, holds the door open for you, and always treats you with respect. So if you have a Sandro, he is a keeper and don’t let him go.
Guy: I wish I was an allesandro

Girl: I want to be with allessandro.
by Allessandro May 29, 2018
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