The period of time someone labels when they are probably sick but don't want anyone to know.
Tyler at work was coughing and sneezing. We noticed he didn't look so good but when we asked him if he was getting sick he claimed it was "allergy season" and that it was just allergies. We all knew he was lying.
by Battletoad_Galactica April 2, 2019
The time of year it's not cold or getting cold that the grief tragedy/sympathy inudustry/media/scientists/government/ healthcare officials warn people about another wave of disease.
The grief/tragedy/sympathy tries to get people to panic the most when the weather gets cooler, cold, or when there are lots of allergens in the air, since people tend to be less certain of their health during these times. People spend money differently when they panic, and the same people in the grief/tragedy/sympathy industry know that and capitalize off it. Allergy season helps them out, though it doesn't do everyone else much good.
by Solid Mantis March 11, 2021
Another season the grief/tragedy/sympathy/industry tries to capitalize on.
The grief/tragedy/sympathy industry (or system/machine) is going to capitalize on panic no matter what people are spending money on. What they call a win-win for everybody is something that is benefitting them, not everybody. Allergy season is just another excuse for some of them to justify reversing reopenings or adding more restrictions to fuck with peoples lives again.
by Solid Mantis March 11, 2021