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When white, black, yellow or copper-coloured bitches try pronoucing "ALLAHUAKBAR!!!", they have the accent so they say "ALLEKBAR!!!". Green or brown bitches can pronounce it very well. It's just those..those.....bitcoms(see my definition for bitcom if you don't know what it is{of course you wouldnt)

soccer-field-bomber is my bomber friend that has a kinda huge square shape at the back of his head.
Test Dummy: Yoo, perro feo!! How you doing?
Soccer-field-bomber: Yeah bro...ALLAHUAKBAR!!!!
Honda Sushi: heheheheheheee
*ouveouveosas comes from behind*
Ouveouveosas: ALLEHKBAR!!!
John Smith: hehehehehehe lol
Soccer-field-bomber: What you do to me?
*Test Dummy takes out gun and shoots him*
*ouveouveosas dies*
*Honda Sushi's eyes become big(4 once in his life)*
soccer-field-bomber: Who else pronounce ALLAHUAKBAR like ALLEKBAR, eh?
*Honda Sushi leaves the server*
*John Smith goes back to being the example name for Google*
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by ANO_X June 03, 2018
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