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A Cobb County public school also known as "Toona Ville" or "Lake City High". Base line, It's filled with Rich Mufuckaz, Preppy Mufuckaz, Weed Smoking Mufuckaz, Fake Mufuckaz, "Love To Fuck" Mufuckaz Racist Mufuckaz, Wanna-Be Hood Mufuckaz, and Real Hood Mufuckaz that'll beat yo ass. Teachers are over-rated, a couple of them actually care about their students. Foods ok, Lunch Ladies are cool. Football team is kind of good because of our running back (Miles Jones) and I forgot to mention there are ALOT of cum sipping AIDS infected whores at this school, both male and female. This is a school were it is illegal(you will get written up and ISS) for wearing sweat pants, wearing gym shorts, having your phone conviscated, or saying a racist term to the same race (like a black calling another black nigga). It seems like there is one big group of "cool" people, and they all are connected one way or another. Alot of the white kids are uppity and racist, both low-key and obvious; the blacks are either Wanna-Be Hood, Just Moved from the Hood, Been around North Cobb Blacks too long, or just normal blacks. Oh yea and you get automatically expelled for fighting here.
DEMOGRAPHICS: 99.56% White, .44% other
Atlanta Boy : Yo what school you goto?

Cobb County Boy : Zone 2 Allatoona High School Lake City High TOONAVILLE.

Atlant Boy : o_0
by BigDank May 04, 2011
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Or as it should go, M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A High school. But it's up to you what you call it. Pretty much everyone smokes pot, and the teachers don't care because they do it too!

Send your kid to this school in Acworth, GA if you want him to get a one-on-one about everything drugs, preggers, and partying!
What else do people go to school for? Learning? Psh...
Mom: Why do you smell like pot sweetie? Have you been hanging around Allatoona High School kids again?
Me: Yes mom! gosh!
by Allatoona Stoner... April 01, 2011
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