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A person who talks in insane Facebook (okay, more like Myspace level) speech. They often use random symbols for no reason, abbreviate random words, include rambling and personal stat-ii, and make you want to punch them.
AllShort: y cant u just stop wasting ur precious time on thinkin up shit on me tht isnt true n do sumthin more valuable. i didnt do $hit to u, so stfu about me b4 i snap

music starts playin lik da end of a sad movie. It's da kinda endin u rly dont wanna c cuz its a tragedy n it'll only bring you down. Now i dont no wat 2 be w/o u around.. n we no its nvr simple, nvr easy, nvr a clean break, no1 here 2 save me.. ur da only thing i no lik da back of my hand n i cant breathe w/o u

ok mother stop givin out information. if ppl wanna make it in the business.. they'll work fo rhte information liek i did. u said u wont. AND NOW UR GIVING OUT INFO BOUT SHIT FOR RYAN SEACREST!? JUST STOP! UGH! STOP HELPING WANNABE'S! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by LOLUMADBRO November 08, 2010
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