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A name given to an angel or angelic like person , a person with an innocent mind , Someone who is a great person to be friends with ... Someone who is great to go to for advice and is known for her contagious and heartwarming smile ... someone who can look got up a room when she walks into one ... and can always help you in your times of need , she will never allow you to know that she has a problem cause her smile always looks real and she knows how to conceal emotions from her eyes ... She a a great people person and optimist and a very outgoing person...if you meet one with this name ... Never let her go ... Cause she will be your should to lean on when you are having a rainy day
Are you an Alizzia?

Yes ..

I knew it ...
How come ?

You have to Amazing Personality of one ..
by Iriegurl876 August 11, 2018
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