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Alisha Bruner's are special. You can never hurt and Alisha because they will run and jump you like it was your last day to live. They hate being called fat because they really are not. They are mostly afraid of Godzilla. They think it will come eat you. Alisha Bruner's are the most brightest people in the world, yeah sure they have their PMS moments but if you actually get to know them and you'll see that their pretty "kool" to hang out with them. I mean I have an Alisha that likes to flash people and show people her butt, ha. But that's the definition of an Alisha. If you ever meet an Alisha, take good care of her. Once she's gone, you can't get her back.. AND THAT GOES TO THE BOYS. I love my Alisha Bruner. & she likes to pee and poop on carpets like she is an animal. Alisha's are just sick people. Alisha Bruner's are like mice. You step on one, it will come running back and will bite you in your bum but take care of one, they will love you like there is no tomorrow. Alisha's are boy crazy but when they find the "right" one, they love them like she got a new puppy dawg. I love an Alisha Bruner. They live in the 757 area and live next to that "alligator" elementary school. Do not ever take their food.. unless you made it. I love Alisha Bruner, don't you?
Woah, I just an Alisha Bruner poop on my carpet.
by CBRUUKS November 04, 2011
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