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A character in the popular tween books, The Clique Series, Alicia is second-in-command, or a "beta", of the main characters' clique. She's also what Lisi Harrison, the author, calls a "Spanish Beauty". She has big boobs, a gorgeous face, and is taller than most of the other 12/13-year-old girls. Alicia is obviously popular with the boys in the books, for those reasons.

Despite the fact that Alicia is hott, rich, and stylish, she is still almost always left with the "2nd" position, Massie Block taking first.
Boy: I wish Alicia Rivera was real, she's so hott.
Boy 2: Dude, you read that series? You're a fag.
Boy: ...
by Ann O'Nonymous June 27, 2008
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