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Alghala is a rare name and who has it is very lucky since it’s unique but some people might have trouble pronouncing it and spelling it but Alghala is an amazing and kind person with great personalities and has good taste in fashion and she also has a nice body shape and everybody likes her and she is also good at sports and she’s precious and smart but sometimes this “perfect” girl has problems, personal problems and there is a possibility that she suffers from depression but little does anyone know she is good at hiding it and faking a smile to everyone
Person 1: Who’s she?
Person 2: That’s Alghala
by Unknowingly Anonymous May 26, 2018
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Alghala means expensive beautiful kind and rich and wealthy well known and precious the name is very rare and she is one of a kind.
This house is so Alghala
by Cutie Apple November 04, 2017
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