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a very smart girl, pretty, shy, funny she sees the best in everything not that many people can bother her she doesn't

let anything get to her, she's sensitive so don't break her heart she's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet she's impulsive has a little attitude can be annoying goofy asl has a lot of friends and she'll forgive you for everything and anything kinda depressed, b/c she's been through a lot she can sing and everyone secretly loves her best girlfriend you'll ever have so don't let her go and a good friend and she'll be your ride or die
Alexondria (or Alex) is defined as
Guy 1: look there goes alex
Guy 2; isn't that the smart girl in our class
Guy 1: yeah i think so she has like three honors and she's funny asl
Guy 2: isn't she manny's best friend
Guy 1: yep
more boys defined who alex is
Guy 1: you know alex
Guy 2: no who is she

Guy 1: only the finest, smartest, prettiest girl you'll ever meet.
Guy 2; I like her already
by cookiegierl89 May 31, 2018
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