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A gold digger who is turning Chance Sutton’s (he was that kid in ice age) brain to mush. He obviously left team 10 for her and obviously destroyed CHANTHONY for her. Honestly he shud just get with Tessa...or Anthony...or ANYONE ELSE PLEASE!!! She looks like a sex addict but luckily Chance is nice and doesn’t judge on looks. Anyways, she may just be a nice girl who likes Chance for Chance...BUT IT DOESNT SEEM THAT WAY....there’s proof search it up...
Person: I love Alex Delena
Me: *takes off mask* AHA UR CHANCE...There is NO way in HELL that anyone likes that kid
by I hate Alex Delena June 08, 2018
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A gold digger who is dating Chance Sutton who stared in the movie Ice age and will not leave the team 10 house she is also a hoe 🤢
Friend :don’t be an alex delena !

You : why

Friend: u will be hated on for the rest of ur life
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by .a hoe November 24, 2017
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