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Ale Bribes Day is the day after Valentines Day and is celebrated annually on the 15th of February. Ale Bribes Day was founded as a Chicago holiday of good cheer, drinking and general debauchery. Many of those who participate in the holiday spend the day at bars with an extensive Ale selection and attempt to bribe friends and strangers with Ale. The day often turns into a competition among friends to see who can bribe the most out of a stranger with their Ale of choice.

Notable Event: Ale Bribes Day 1985 - It is suspected that an unknown Chicagoan was able to bribe the entire 1985 Chicago Honey Bears team with one Schlitz. However, the event was followed with much controversy as Schlitz is in fact a lager and not an ale. This event was notable as some believe the bribe led to the creation of the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle.
"Hey Jane, did you know it is Ale Bribes Day? Would you do the Harlem Shuffle for a Red Stripe Ale?"
by WVilleTrix February 15, 2013
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