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A far more resilient cousin of the common head lice. Legend has it that almost a year ago, a colony of ordinary head lice were threatened to be removed from the hat they called their home and making a high school boy's head itchy after picking it up off the ground and using it. To prevent their untimely demise, they learned to swim and developed gills to survive the viscous waves of a home washing machine. They were successful, but the soap made them blond, or in scientific terms, albino. Only humans who are a afflicted with an albino water lice infestation can comprehend the existence of this species, and leave all others who they plea for help to utterly confused.
The Albino Water Lice swam about the laundry machine with joy, ready to victimize the high school boy for many days to come.
by Saxasylum August 24, 2010
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