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Some Spanish guy from WWE who keeps bitching about his "destiny". Says it's to be WWE champion, but he's already been champ twice, and both reigns only lasted like a month anyways. He's also rich as hell, and he even has his own ring announcer. Well known for telling us his name every week and saying we already knew it.
Alberto Del Rio: It is my destiny to become WWE champion!

John Cena: Not if I have anything to say about it! *Kicks Alberto's ass*
by ThatJerkOverThere January 02, 2012
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A Mexican born professional wrestler currently working for the WWE company on Friday Night Smackdown. He beat Rey Mysterio in his debut match and continued to attack him in another Raw episode causing The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio to be out of action for about a month. Alberto Del Rio is also known for having his own personal ring announcer to introduce him.
John Cena: Hey Hunter did you hear about Alber.. ro.. what's him name again?

HHH: It's Alberto Del Rio. He beat that little Mysterio. He loves sending people to the hospital.

Y2J *interrupts*: More like me sending you both down the drain along with the other hypocrites and parasites!
by BigBossSnake October 01, 2010
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