he’s an amazing human, and has a YouTube channel called Flamingo
Omg! Albert Aretz just posted a new video!
by a clown gril April 19, 2020
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The hottest man on earth, I start to drool when he appears on my screen. It's insane.
"omg, my new crush is albert aretz!! hes so🤭🤭🤭"
by the silly June 11, 2023
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the finest mf out there in the world, hes so good at gaming like wow, those sponser videos he does and he adds lore to those videos are amazing i cry for him, i scream for him, i would want him to fuck me so hard until i throb. his big sexy ass juicy abs r so hot.
person 1: did u see albert aretz big bloody radioactive diarrhea last night?

person 2: all i saw was his juicy good looking abs, god i would get on his lushes lips and have him fuck the hell out of me until i go sore or throb
by IS4444444A July 7, 2022
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Best YouTuber, I’ve been a fan of him ever since I can remember from like 8 years old to now. Albert is the funniest guy ever and has never failed to not put a smile on my face ever since I’ve started watching his videos, his humor is amazing and cracks me up every time. I remember when I was little “earth worm sally” “yo tengo” “if you love me let me go” all the myths and even his old channel. Albert has had such a big impact on my life and I really wish the best of him. When my parents couldn’t raise me he did. When they couldn’t calm me down he did. I truly don’t understand how people could ever not like this man. He deserves the world.
Albert aretz is my childhood
by Carm3llx lol August 4, 2023
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