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Alberoni is usually a canadian male;; he may or may not be a robot. Alberoni loves pasta. A male named Alberoni usually has a bangin' body. Alberoni is possibly a cave-man. He goes hunting in the cold ice of Canada every morning and he rides polar bears to school because he is a fucking canadian and that is what canadians do. He probably goes to the bathroom about 7 times a day. He thinks he has swag (he doesn't) but he is still a good person. He likes wearing wife-beaters and anything that is RED. Alberoni is not a dog. He is fluent in german and chinese probably. He does 57 jumping-jacks every morning. He has an obsession with licking envelopes. He likes pouring tacky glue all over his naked body. He sometimes eats athlete's foot cream. He wishes he were born a lemur. Other than that though, he's k3wl.
Wow bro look at that Alberoni he is such a badass lolz I bet he just ate sum athlete's foot cream
by peepee diddy October 03, 2011
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