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When you take a girl, and fuck her in a doggystyle type manner with her legs wrapped around your waist, holding her hands as handles, and her face in the ground as a plow as you're plowing the shit out of her; thus, the Alaskan snowplow. Works best on carpet and/or snow.
Dude my bitch made me eat her carpet last night, so I made her eat my carpet with the Alaskan snowplow.
by Alaskan plow-machine March 01, 2009
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The two part act of (i) freezing a shit log in preparation for a night of anal sex, then (ii) while in the process of plowing a girl in the ass from behind, you pull your dick out and plow your icy log right up the girl's shit pipe. Extra points if you can manage to get a picture/video of the girl shitting out your shit. I don't mean to dookie on the previous definition, but it seems to resemble more the definition of a standard Hoover Maneuver.
Dude, why is one of your shit logs in the freezer? Oh, my bitch of a girlfriend is going to let me fuck her in the ass tonight, so I am going to stuff a frozen shit log up her ass and see how long it takes for her to notice she is being serviced by the Alaskan Snowplow.
by diaperbandit August 19, 2010
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