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Involves a bucket of ice, salt, a polar bear (a black bear if you are not able to obtain a polar bear), and a 7 man lies on his back with penis erect the other places an ice cube on top of the erect penis and tee's off with the 7 iron....while this is occurring another person lies spread eagle with anus accessible...another person then begins to jack off counting out his strokes.....if said golfer is able to hit the ice cube off the erect penis and get a "hole" in one into the anus the the golfer will recieve a blumpkin from trig palin, if they get an eagle they will recieve a screaming seagull from an acutual seagull, a birdie will result in the golfer getting to take a dip in the pool with casey anthony while playing with chloroform, if said golfer gets a par they must do a mesa verde mudslide off of whoopie goldberg, if they bogey the person will receive a ride on the thriller express....if said golfer fails to get the ice cube into the anus before the member of the group jacking off "erupts" or said ice cube melts the golfer must put salt on their penis and let the polar bear lick the salt off with the risk of said bear ripping of said penis off in a rage of fury.
Nolan just got a hole in one by teeing off with his 7 iron off of ian's penis into timothy's asshole! he now can get a blumpkin from trig palin! He just pulled of the perfect Alaskan Tiger Woods!
by Sexy Mambaso 69 July 25, 2011
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