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A sex game involving a male and a female(s) in which the male(s) need(s) an erection in order to participate. Both parties need to apply a vast amount of lubricant, the male on his penis and the female on her hands. (Paws)

Once this step is completed, the male and his penis, take the role of the "Salmon" and the female takes the role of the "Bear" It is then the "Bears" role to chase after the "Salmon" and try and catch it.

The game is under a 60 second countdown, for the "Bear" to win, she needs to be able to either catch and tame the "Salmon" for 5 seconds, this requires her to hold down the "Salmon" (Penis) for 5 seconds, or for the Male to lose his erection, thus making the salmon limp.

The only way for the male and his "Salmon" to win, is if he can evade the "Bear's" grasp for 60 seconds and maintain his "Salmon's" solidity.

The game can also be played amongst a group, in which there will be multiple "Salmons" and "Bears."
"Oh my god! Andreas' Salmon got destroyed by Le Shawna in that game of Alaskan Salmon Grabber!
by F.T Salmon Master August 25, 2010
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