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A female living in the state of Alaska who is a "2" but thinks and acts like she is a "10." This is due to the fact the women are outnumbered 5 to 1 by males in Alaska. The leads to ugly girls finding mates that they would usually have no chance with in the lower 48. In fact, when these Alaskan Princesses finally do venture out of their home state they are shocked to find out that no guys are interested in them. After dropping out of college they move back to Alaska where they can continue to be huge stuck up bitches and feel pretty.
I offered to buy that girl over there a drink but she said I didn't have permission to talk to her. She's not even that cute! What a bitchy, stuck up, alaskan princess!!


That Alaskan Princess is such an fat, ugly, whore! I'm gonna get her drunk and give her a glass bottom steamboat
by AKCoug February 01, 2011
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